Cheshire Without Abuse (CWA) crowned "Charity of the Year"!

Shining the light' on our 2019 Award winners ?

This week we thought we would shine the light on some of this year's Award winners.

We will start with Cheshire Without Abuse (CWA) who were crowned ‘Charity of the Year’ (under 50 volunteers) at the 2019 Community ReAwards, in recognition for their incredible work supporting families for more than 40 years.

We were delighted to recognise Cheshire Without Abuse for their work. The charity is very deserving, and we wanted to thank them on behalf of the community they serve. This is another example of fantastic local people and organisations who are delivering outstanding and vital services.

Chief Executive Officer Saskia Lightburn-Ritchie received the award on behalf of Cheshire Without Abuse, which offers short, medium and long term support to families in need. She said: “This is an incredible honour and reflects the hard work of our team of staff and volunteers, many of whom have used the service themselves. We are privileged to be acknowledged in this way and truly appreciate the recognition of our work.”

Patricia Parkes, local councillor for Hartford & Greenbank, presented Saskia with the award. She said: ‘I am incredibly proud to be acknowledging the invaluable work of CWA which is making a difference to so many lives in our community. Having recently met with Saskia I would also like to acknowledge her incredible commitment and leadership to the work they deliver.”

Cheshire Without Abuse works to support individual people and their families and recognises that although people's experiences may be similar, their road to recovery can be very different. The charity works closely with those that need support, assisting with things like benefit and housing applications, until they feel empowered enough to live independently and reach their full potential.

Cheshire Without Abuse is also working across Cheshire East, Cheshire West, and Warrington to engage women into education and employment, through their New Leaf project. New Leaf provides one to one support from a dedicated mentor as well as money and budgeting advice and access to training, volunteering and employment opportunities. Mental health support is also available.

To find out more about Cheshire without Abuse visit their

Story taken from Community ReAwards Facebook with consent.