Business Secretary: Making it easier to combine work and care

Clark: Making it easier to combine work and care


On Monday 1st October at the Conservative Party Conference Greg Clark went on a visit to the Manufacturing Technology Centre in the West Midlands, Greg Clark announced new steps to make it easier for employees to combine family and caring responsibilities with work.


Among the measures, Greg Clark set out proposals  to improve the information available on companies policies’ towards parental leave, and a proposal for employers to consider whether it is possible for a job to be done on flexible hours – and if so make it available when advertising.


More and more companies are embracing flexibility in the workplace to the benefit of motivation and job satisfaction and meeting employees’ needs – especially those with caring responsibilities.


While many employers go further than the legal minimum for parental leave and pay, very few publish their policies openly. Applicants for jobs must ask prospective employers what the position is which some are reluctant to do for fear of discrimination.


Greg Clark, Business Secretary, said:


“Many employees, especially those with caring responsibilities, benefit from flexible work and from parental leave that is offered by employers and that goes beyond the statutory minimum.


“These proposals will help make it clearer to job hunters what policies are pursued by different employers and to know in advance whether a job is suitable to be undertaken flexibly.”