The 10-year NHS plan

The Secretary of State for Health and Social Care, Matt Hancock lays out the Government's NHS plan.

Matt Hancock MP“Just as the NHS has a responsibility to look after all of us, everyone has a responsibility to the NHS to look after themselves.”


“Instead of blanket action that hits people who are basically doing the right thing, I want to see a much more targeted public health approach that uses modern techniques to identify those most at risk and delivers targeted, personalised action.”

Mental health care to get waiting-time targets under 10-year NHS plan:


-          £2.3bn to pay for talking therapies for an additional 350,000 young people and 380,000 adults over the next five years

-          New waiting time targets for mental health treatment

-          A 24/7 mental health helpline for everyone to be able to access vital support

-          Young people will no longer be forced to restart their treatment with adult services when they turn 18

New NHS plans to offer mothers and fathers mental health support for two years after child's birth:


The NHS Long-Term Plan will pledge to provide the best maternity care in the world, extending the period of perinatal mental health services from conception to two years after birth.


Matt Hancock MP“Today’s announcement takes us one step closer to making sure no expectant or new mother slips through the net and importantly, that their partner is not left to care for a loved one with mental health issues alone, while also coping with the challenges of raising a baby."

MENTAL HEALTH DRIVE Mentally ill people will receive life-saving help to find jobs as part of PM’s plans for £20bn NHS funding:


170,000 mentally-ill people will get tailored support to help them find and keep jobs.


Matt Hancock MP: “No one with a mental illness should be held back from achieving their potential in the workplace.”